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About Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s and other dementias are now the UK’s leading cause of death and with no treatments to slow, stop or cure them, they are diseases that no-one has yet survived. But Alzheimer’s Research UK is committed to changing that.

We are the UK’s leading dementia research charity dedicated to making life-changing breakthroughs in diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure. We’re challenging the way people think about dementia, bringing together the people and organisations who can speed up progress, and investing in research to make these breakthroughs possible.

Dementia is caused by physical diseases, like Alzheimer’s, and if other diseases can be treated then so can the diseases that cause dementia. Scientists are already making life-changing discoveries and through medical research we will deliver preventions and treatments that enable people with dementia to live long, healthy and fulfilling lives.

A smiling female scientist wearing a white lab coat as she conducts an experiment. There is a male scientist in the background.

Our mission is to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment.

With your support, we’re focusing our energies in four key areas of action to make this mission a reality.


To fund world-class researchers to unravel the science behind the complex diseases that cause dementia.


To work at the forefront of technology to ensure an accurate diagnosis for everyone at a time that’s right for them.

Reduce Risk

To accelerate the science of dementia risk and empower people to make informed decisions about how they live their lives.


To build on 100 years of scientific discoveries to translate breakthroughs in the lab into life-changing treatments.

Over the past century, research has powered incredible advances in the treatment of other diseases. We have mapped the human genome, designed drugs to successfully control HIV, carried out the first human heart transplant and doubled cancer survival rates. Research has made the seemingly impossible, possible. With your support, we can and will make the same progress for people with dementia.

t: 0300 111 5555

Alzheimer's Research UK is a registered charity, numbers 1077089 and SC042474. 3 Riverside, Granta Park, Cambridge CB21 6AD.

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